Gym Equipments

Our youtube workout video's may have bought you here. 

There are definitly limitations to delivering the ideal workout the way many youtube guided workouts do. We are trying to close that gap a little bit more. 

We recomend you download and print the yearly plan to help you with accountability and offer some structure for a long term solution. 

Within the yearly plan, you can see each "block"; Within year 1 there are 10 Blocks covering a large veriet of training parameters: 

  • Anatomical adaptation

  • Hypertrophy

  • Muscular endurance

  • Strength

Keep in mind there are literally thousands of ways you can approach your programming over the course of the year. This is how I've put this together and if you believe there is a better way, you're probably right. But there are also way more worse ways haha. For beginners, I definitly recommend easing into it by following the structure for at least block 1. From there, you may alternate between the two favorites of the main 3. For example, if you know you hate muscular endurance and you also are more intersted in gaining muscle size you can alternate between a hypertrophy block and a strength block. 

This is pretty much what I do after 15 years of training. However, if I wanted to get improve my cardiovascular fitness, I would include an endurance block.

I do believe that most people who are looking for a sustainable long term approach for their fitness routine will benifit greatly if you follow this consistently. 

This yearly plan is mostly focused on general populations that want a well rounded physical fitness approach, it's ideal for people who can execute safe and effective form and are injury free. If you need one on one help with any content and reside in Australia, you can arrange some online personal training with us and we can personally help you improve your technique.


Brendan Burchall
(Independent Contractor)

Our private studio fosters a community of people from all walks of life coming together to improve their health and well being.


Training is a stress release, a place where we can set new goals, think, plan and build a strong body.


We are all different and there is no one perfect answer to suit everyone's fitness goals. That’s why we believe in personal training, this way we get to know your challenges, and fitness habits to work with you in developing priorities and set goals.


Personal training is exciting and great for those looking for expert advice and guidance

Our goal is to help you find a healthy balance with movement!



  • Most clients complete 4-week training blocks, progressing week by week to achieve excellent results.

  • Tracked progress and results

  • Ongoing support, helping you work towards your goals

  • A tailored approach just for you

  • The skills you need to take control of your health

  • A variety of exercises to help you find what you like

  • Help fitting exercise into your life

  • An approach that’s effective because it’s based on scientific evidence

  • A collaborative approach

  • A friendly face, training with Brendan

Gym Equipments


We are located within Worthington Estate in Pakenham


If exercise could be purchased in a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation.

—Robert H. Butler