Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Losing Weight Is Easy With The Right Support

Let's Do This

Have you tried diets before?

Did you get some success until something happened like one of the following:

You got tired

There were changes at work

There just wasn't enough time

You just needed more willpower

You got bored 

It was too expensive

You didn't enjoy it

It's hard to make separate meals

These are all common things that people experience when they go on a diet. Each of these factors highlights the disconnect that people feel from following someone else's idea of: 

What to eat

When to eat

How much to eat

Not Another Fad Diet

Fad diets are money making machines that create and feed off of insecurities. Diets are portrayed in the media as being the epitome of nutritional health however when you look at the big picture they often ask you to make changes that do not wholly promote positive physical, nutritional and psychological health.

Fad Diets Do Not Work

If you have ever failed a diet you are in the majority. Only 5% of people can lose weight through dieting and the longer the study the less likely they are able to maintain the weight loss. To put that into perspective, imagine you have 100 friends who were all trying their very hardest to lose weight. Of those 100 friends, only 5 were able to shift some weight however when you see those friends 5-10 years later most have gained some if not all the weight back. What about the other 95%? These people couldn't maintain any weight loss and many gained back more than when they originally started. 

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight? What do we actually lose mentally, physically and nutritionally by going through this process over and over?


Why We Eat

You don't need to diet to be healthy. Just because you choose not to follow a diet doesn't mean that you can't make healthful choices. If you think about the reason we eat it actually has very little to do with our weight. We eat to give our bodies the nutrients that we need to work. We eat to make our bodies feel good.


Don't  Diet, Get Connected

The diet industry works by making you disconnected. It portrays this idea that everything that you know about nutrition is completely wrong and that you can't trust yourself or body to make decisions about food. You can, however, conveniently buy a book or a meal plan or a superfood which will magically solve all your problems (which it won't).

There are many interlocking factors that impact on our nutritional health. One side of it is having an understanding of nutrition however this needs to be intertwined with honouring body-centred information and having a healthy relationship with food and ourselves. 

Tried a Lot of Diets?

Have you tried lots of diets and can't make them work? Do you spend a large percentage of your day thinking about food? If this is you, getting more fad diet knowledge on what to eat isn't going to help, you're already in information overload. Let us help you navigate through the noise and make peace with food.

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