Looking for an experienced Personal Trainer in Pakenham? We offer training for a wide range of fitness levels from our very own, private home studio. This way is great for those seeking a more private experience and you can avoid that feeling of being judged by other gym members that I know many beginners feel. 

Established in 2011

“If exercise could be purchased in a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation.” —Robert H. Butler


Our goal is to help you find a healthy balance with movement!


Gyms are a community of people from all walks of life coming together to improve their health and well being. The gym is a stress release, a place where we can set new goals, think, plan and build a strong body. We are all different and there is no one perfect answer to suit everyone's fitness goals. That’s why we believe in personal training, this way we get to know your challenges, and fitness habits to work with you in developing priorities and set goals. Personal training is exciting and great for the open-minded individual who needs expert advice and happy to train under the guidance of an experienced/qualified professional. 


In case you didn't know, Brendan Burchall trains clients Face to Face out of Derrimut Gym 24/7 in Pakenham location. 


What do you get:

  • Ongoing support, helping you work towards your goals

  • A tailored approach just for you

  • The skills you need to take control of your health

  • A variety of exercises to help you find what you like

  • Help fitting exercise into your life

  • An approach that’s effective because it’s based on scientific evidence

  • A collaborative approach

  • A friendly face - Training with Brendan


Training at the gym is hard work! However, with the right support and advice, most people do grow to love training.

Peak and off-peak prices vary

Peak Rates | 6:30 am - 10 am | 4 pm -7 pm:

  • 30 minutes = $60

  • 50-60 minutes = $80

  • $10 extra per additional head, up to 3 people max.


Off-Peak Rates | 10 am - 2pm:

  • 50-60 minutes = $40* per person

  • Online Coaching = $55



Incase you didn't know, hypertrophy is the adaptation of increasing muscle size. Typically a response from lifting weights and basically everyone benefits from implimenting this. So it's not just reserved for body builders. If we have bigger muscles, we burn more energy, making it easier to manage our body composition. 


We often take the smaller things for granted! Balance is a big deal, if we can prevent a fall we can be faster on our feet for sport or even for those older individuals, preventing a fall can definitly help avoid a long stay in care while recovering. Balance improves our ability to know where our limbs are without seeing them. This skill is called proprioreception and reduces risk of injury too!


Toning to put simply is reducing body fat to reveal the muscles underneath. Usually toning requires a higher intensity of high reps and shorter rest periods and always easier to attain if accompanied with a healthfull diet.


Take your time, do things in order and make sure you are well informed! preventing an injury can mean consistent training and consistent training is paramount when it comes to achieving great results. It is a daily accourance in gyms that people are performing exercises not just incorrectly but flat out dangerously, to themselves. For example, a rounded back while lifting can lead to a prolapsed disc in the spine which is an injury often lasting for life. 


Strength, maximal strength and power are greatly beneficial to improvements in quality of life. But it is imperitive that your technique is on point because lifting heavy is the main game with strength training and with heavier weights comes the greatest increase of risk. So study up and do it right.


By the time we reach adulthood, we have just about all experienced an injury of some sort. Training in a gym setting for a full recovery can prevent the injury from reaccouring or can bring back the functionality to full. Rehab can be tough to stay motivated with but it is a really important time to get through it.



Brendan has a Diploma of Fitness from Holmesglen and a passion for physiology and effective training.


Ever been unsure if you are doing a movement correctly? We can take you step by step through movements so you can ace them.


Need a training buddy to keep you accountable? Personal training is better. We're here to help you stay motivated and get the most out of your sessions.


We're here to help you set and achieve goals. With regular check-ins, we can  help you stay motivated at the gym.


Do you ever feel like you are going to the gym and not getting anywhere? We will track your progress over time as you achieve your goal whatever they may be.


The better you are at something, the more enjoyable it can be. Let us help build your confidence in the gym whilst having fun.


I got much more out of our sessions than merely being ‘pushed’ and the advice I took away I will adopt for life. 


Brendan is a tremendously professional trainer who is very knowledgeable and conscientious. Each session was prepared with my goals in mind and over the months I have seen great results.


Brendan is one of the most experienced and committed trainers around! Brendan is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session a challenge and fun!


A world of knowledge and an exceptional human! Such fun and diverse training sessions every time. Always catered for my injuries and sporting goals. Thanks, Brendan.


Brendan is committed to clients reaching their goals and will help you all the way!!! Looking forward to continuing my training with Brendan.


Exceptional personal trainer! Pushes you past your limits and always achieves great results. Always switches up sessions to keep it fun and keep you motivated! He is the best!


It's evident that Brendan's passion lies within health and well-being. Brendan is a great trainer, pushed me beyond my limits both physically and mentally. Highly recommended!


The best personal trainer I've ever had. Makes training fun as well as getting good results. Once you've trained with the best you won't want the rest.