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How a Dietitian Can Help with Impaired Glucose Fasting

Impaired fasting glucose puts you at risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. A glucose fasting test measures the amount of glucose in your blood when you are in a fasted state. If your glucose fasting test is high, then your body isn't working as it should move the right amount of glucose out of the blood to keep it within a normal range.

We Can Help With

  • Help you understand the connection between your condition and food

  • Work with you to create strategies to normalise your blood glucose

  • Show you how to interpret your blood glucose readings and the effect that food has on them

  • Creating a plan to meet your nutritional needs

  • Assisting with body composition changes


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We offer telehealth online and via phone. We have limited in-person appointments available in our home-based clinic in Pakenham.

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